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Rashmi biyani

Nutritionist & Health consultant

I am Rashmi Biyani, a certified Diabetic Nutritionist. I have an independent consultancy that takes care of the nutritional needs of people. In a career spanning more than three years, I have worked with clients from all walks of life, from businessmen to homemakers, students, and athletes. 


I always had a strong will to change people’s mindset about health. So, after my graduation, I decided to enter the nutrition field and further my passions. My qualifications in nutrition include:

  • Diploma in DNHE (IGNOU)
  • Certified in INFS
  • Certified in Diabetic Nutrition (Medversity)

Journey So Far

My place of birth is Rajasthan, and right now, I am working in the cultural capital of India, Kolkata. From early childhood, I was interested in the shapes of fruits and their nutritional aspects. While growing up, I read the biology books that contained the medicinal value of fruits and vegetables around us. It interested me immensely, and I often pondered how to apply them practically. After reaching puberty, I noticed a series of changes in my body and understood the nutritional benefits of fruits. You can get rid of any chronic disease by following a well-rounded vegan diet. I began to experiment with vegan diets and fabulous fruits around us. This journey culminated in the dream of becoming a nutritionist. 


My New Book

Is Now

My First eBook Food as Pleasure is published on Amazon. More Books will be published shortly.

Food as Pleasure book2

What They Say About Rashmi

We have 100+ success stories and inspiring reviews, but we can share a few of those here.

After I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, I started gaining a lot of weight. My lack of care and knowledge in health/nutrition was putting my health at risk. One day, I saw my student sharing her weight transformation story in Instagram which was very motivating and then I approached Rashmi's Healthy Diet.
Richa Karki
Home Maker
I m highly inspired with her.. She has changed my thought process towards healthy lifestyle.. I lost 20kg in six months... Which I never thot i would.. She works like a miracle.. She is very soft spoken, adjustable n any time reachable.. I am loving myself n thanks a ton to Rashmi.. Highly recommendable..
Rakhi pareek
Completely satisfied. thank you so much for working hard on me.i was 84.6 kgs & now 61kgs.I was enjoying doing it instead of feeling deprived of it..intake of the right nutrients in the right amount and at right time not only helped me in reducing weight but also staying fit and healthy, cheerful, active and helped in having a glowing face too..thank you Rashmi di for tolerating and answering my infinite questions.
Pooja Ladia
Home Maker
Rashmi di, what can I write about her. I was 96 kg when I started and now I at good 76 kgs. So the journey along with weight loss is also about confidence coming back to me, I have started to feel beautiful again. And the best part now I get to wear clothes that I like. She is gr8 as a dietician, as a motivator, as guidance towards my journey of weight loss. Highly recommended
Upasna daga
I've been following Rashmi's diet for quite some time now. It has not only helped me to lose a ton of weight but also made my body and gut feel better. I strongly recommend you to please consult Rashmi for a healthy diet plan!
Pooja Tosniwal
Home Maker
RASHMIJI thanks for coming as a FLORENCE NIGHT ANGLE in our group of friends' life when we were all getting depressed for not being able to control our weight. You suggested to us the correct pattern of the diet which we followed as your disciplined disciples and WOW what a result we had. We all lost a minimum of 8 kgs (some even up to 15 kgs) in 2 months period. Really you rekindled us with new hope & your day-to-day tracking was also awesome. Once again thank you for being such a nice nutritionist to us.
Mahendra Rathi

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