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I am Rashmi Biyani, a certified Diabetic Nutritionist. I have an independent consultancy that takes care of the nutritional needs of people. In a career spanning more than three years, I have worked with clients from all walks of life, from businessmen to homemakers, students, and athletes. 


I always had a strong will to change people’s mindset about health. So, after my graduation, I decided to enter the nutrition field and further my passions. My qualifications in nutrition include:

  • Diploma in DNHE (IGNOU)
  • Certified in INFS
  • Certified in Diabetic Nutrition (Medversity)

Journey So Far

My place of birth is Rajasthan, and right now, I am working in the cultural capital of India, Kolkata. From early childhood, I was interested in the shapes of fruits and their nutritional aspects. While growing up, I read the biology books that contained the medicinal value of fruits and vegetables around us. It interested me immensely, and I often pondered how to apply them practically. After reaching puberty, I noticed a series of changes in my body and monster vape understood the nutritional benefits of fruits. You can get rid of any chronic disease by following a well-rounded vegan diet Bud lyft. I began to experiment with vegan diets and fabulous fruits around us. This journey culminated in the dream of becoming a nutritionist diazepam sin receta . 

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