are you addicted to food?

You are having obesity and experiencing stress and anxiety. Eating in secret, isolation. Avoiding social interactions, relationships, or functions. Difficulty function in a career or job due to decreased efficiency. Spending a significant amount of money on buying certain foods for binging purposes. Using foods as comfort

It's leading to:

And stopping you from:

Change the relationship with food from ” living to eat” to “eat to live”.

So what happens When You Have Food Addiction?

You think about food or weight all the time.
You have emotional problems resulting from the way you eat or don’t eat.
You eat large amounts of food in a short time.
you find it difficult to stop eating after one or two bites of certain foods.
You eat differently in front of people than you do when you are alone
Your eating behaviors causes negative consequences in your life.

You could be lucky:

Dependence on food and eating can be developed leading to behaviors or activities to support the addiction

Or you could be unlucky:

This can lead to permanent problems with physical and mental health.

That’s why we have created this book to overcome dysfunctional eating habits.

Designed to:

Overcoming food addiction. and regain more willpower.
These changes are a life-long process that shapes your path to better physical, mental, and emotional health

And help you to:

Change the relationship with food from ” living to eat” to “eat to live”.

What's in the book?

Signs And Symptoms Of Food Addiction..

Certain signs and symptoms characterize food addiction. Eating Disorder Hope, a network of therapists, doctors, and researchers, offers this comprehensive list of signs and symptoms

Implications Of Food Addiction

Food addiction may result in negative physical, psychological, and social effects. Eating Disorder Hope lists the effects seen in these three areas

20 Steps To Overcome Food Addiction

Overcoming food addiction takes time. The brain needs healthy nutrition and emotional self-care to rebalance pleasure chemical levels. A person needs consistency, repetition, and support to create a balanced lifestyle and make the life-long changed needed to overcome food addiction.

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Change the relationship with food from ” living to eat” to “eat to live”.

After I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, I started gaining a lot of weight. My lack of care and knowledge in health/nutrition was putting my health at risk. One day, I saw my student sharing her weight transformation story in Instagram which was very motivating and then I approached Rashmi's Healthy Diet.
Richa Karki

About Author

Rashmi Biyani

I am Rashmi Biyani, a certified Diabetic Nutritionist. I have an independent consultancy that takes care of the nutritional needs of people. In a career spanning more than three years, I have worked with clients from all walks of life, from businessmen to homemakers, students, and athletes. 

I always had a strong will to change people’s mindset about health. So, after my graduation, I decided to enter the nutrition field and further my passions. My qualifications in nutrition includes:

  • Diploma in DNHE (IGNOU)
  • Certified in INFS
  • Certified in Diabetic Nutrition (Medversity)

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