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FAQ On Weight Loss

5 most common questions about weight loss, answered

Weight loss, sadly cannot happen overnight. But, if you are facing a time crunch and aiming to lose the weight soon, the best moves to practice would be some high interval training (HIIT) and moderately brisk exercises like jogging which are proven to alter body composition in lesser time.

It has always been told that drinking water can fill up your appetite and stop you from eating junk. It has also been proven to lose weight. As per a study conducted in Australia, people who drank upto 2 glasses of water before their workout lost 4.5 kilos more.

It is easy to lose weight if you have a regular workout routine but the only real danger is when you stop following it. Our body has a unique way of accepting the new weight, sensing what is called as the ‘kilojoule deficit’. If you are able to maintain the healthy routine for close to a year, the body gets used to the new normal and alters the appetite accordingly, making it easier to stay in the desired shape.

The golden rule for weight loss suggests staying away from carbs but not all carbs are bad. A recent Obesity study found out that people who changed their carbs and avoided eating it after 7 lost more weight than the ones who did not. Eating certain carbs like jasmine rice can help you stay fuller for longer and maintain the appetite.

Yes, this happens very frequently. When you lose sleep for consecutive days, you also lose the energy required to carry out daily tasks and to make up for that, you eat more than you should on a regular day and this leads to a disturbed weight pattern. So, getting a good night’s sleep is essential for losing weight.

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